Trisolaris Uses Rift to Supercharge DEX Growth

Trisolaris Uses Rift to Supercharge DEX Growth

Trisolaris, a community-owned decentralized exchange on Aurora, has started using Rift to deepen liquidity for their native token $TRI. Trisolaris is a member of the inaugural DAO cohort on Aurora to use Rift’s novel protocol-owned liquidity solution, alongside NearPad and Flux Protocol.

Token liquidity is a major pain point for DAOs. Without sustainable liquidity, DAOs struggle with a vicious cycle of token volatility. This caps their potential for growth as eager community members are deterred due to high entrance costs and little incentive to participate. Current solutions exacerbate this issue further by causing DAOs to deplete their treasuries for temporary relief. Rift empowers DAOs to achieve sustainable liquidity in a single transaction, without needing to give up ownership of their governance tokens.

Trisolaris is able to achieve deepened liquidity for their native token $TRI by using Rift. They have deployed a portion of their $TRI treasury to a Vault on Rift, which was paired with $NEAR then activated as liquidity on a DEX.

By utilizing Rift Vaults, Trisolaris positions itself to become one of the most sustainable DEXs not only within the Aurora ecosystem but across all blockchain ecosystems. This partnership will not only deepen liquidity for the $TRI token but lays the groundwork for more sustainable liquidity across all pools on their protocol. By reducing the need for $TRI emissions across all pools, this partnership positions Trisolaris to lead the next generation of decentralized exchanges.

We will be hosting an AMA with the Trisolaris team to chat about our partnership on March 22 at 11 am EST. If you are interested in using Rift for your DAO, please submit interest through this form.

About Rift Finance

Rift is a decentralized protocol that restructures incentives to improve liquidity across DeFi.

Today’s liquidity structures are parasitic to DAOs; they drain DAO treasuries and shrink market caps. The Rift Protocol allows DAOs to deploy governance tokens from their treasuries to pair with tokens from liquidity providers. By working together, DAOs receive the liquidity they seek and LPs receive double returns and reduced risk. DAOs across several leading Layer 1 blockchains, including Ethereum, Terra, Fantom, and Injective, utilize Rift to unlock sustainable liquidity.

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About Trisolaris

Trisolaris is a community-owned decentralized exchange (DEX) with fast settlement, low fees, and a democratic governance process. Built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM, Trisolaris is building the one-stop-shop for DeFi on NEAR!

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