Introducing Rift: The Future

In a three-part series, we introduce Rift Finance. This is the final part: The Future.

Introducing Rift: The Future

This is the final post in the “Introducing Rift” Series, parts one and two can be located here:

Introducing Rift: The Vision | Introduction Rift: The Problem

We are in the first stages of the DAO evolution. In due time DAOs will become the most powerful organizations in our new internet native society. Rift was created to accelerate the arrival of this future. As outlined in our previous post, The Problem, we described how Rift is solving a foundational problem for all DAOs today: achieving sustainable token liquidity.

Starting an internet company in the early 2000s was incredibly complicated. Back in the day, teams needed to buy their own servers, navigate fragmented internet infrastructure, and capture the attention of a tiny user base. Eventually, the infrastructure technology developed by these companies matured and now exists at the core of the most powerful companies in the world. This infrastructure is so sophisticated that even new companies can plug in with minimal cost and effort to kick off their own projects.

DAO Infrastructure Today

This sophisticated infrastructure does not exist for DAOs today. DAO creation and operation is at the stage of development that tech companies were at in the early 2000s. Establishing a DAO requires a technical skillset, custom smart contract deployment, and constant maintenance. Additionally, new founders of DAOs have had to rely on unsustainable methods to attain liquidity, harming the long-term growth potential of their communities. There is an incredibly high-value opportunity to solve these core problems for DAOs today. By solving these challenges, the Rift network will unlock the growth potential of these DAOs and establish itself as foundational Web3 infrastructure.

The Future DAO Ecosystem

From cloud hosting to equity management tools, an entire ecosystem of tech companies has evolved to support one another. We will see a similar evolution of DAOs building tools for DAOs. The ease of creating and scaling a DAO will increase drastically as the ecosystem of these tools expands. There will be countless projects building services for DAOs and a few will remedy core problems to exponentially accelerate the growth of their partners. Similar to how nearly every new tech startup relies on Amazon Web Services to run their software, foundational DAOs will arise that become the infrastructure for all subsequent DAOs. Rift plans to empower every DAO by solving a problem at the core of Web3: sustainable token liquidity.

The Future of Rift

We plan to scale Rift across multiple ecosystems, serving DAOs wherever they build. We ran our private beta on Ethereum and there are new blockchains and layer 2 platforms with incredible communities that we plan to serve in the near future. As the number of DAOs in the Rift network increases, we will expand our services so that any DAO using Rift will grow at a supercharged rate. We are building foundational infrastructure that accelerates the breadth and power of DAOs.

How to Participate

DAOs that are relying on antiquated methods like liquidity mining can indicate interest in joining the Rift by submitting this form.

Liquidity providers seeking access to the uniquely high returns available through DAO collaboration can sign up for early access to Rift here.

Introducing Rift

In this three-part series, we introduce Rift Finance. This is the final part: The Future. To learn more about Rift and sign up for the waitlist, visit our website.

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