NearPad Joins Rift to Deepen Liquidity for $PAD

NearPad Joins Rift to Deepen Liquidity for $PAD

NearPad, a launchpad & DeFi hub on NEAR, has started using Rift to deepen liquidity for their native token $PAD. NearPad is a member of the inaugural DAO cohort on Aurora to use Rift’s novel protocol-owned liquidity solution, alongside Trisolaris and Flux Protocol.

DAOs are foundational to the Web3 space. Communities are now able to form around common missions and coordinate capital across the globe. However, we are still in the early days of on-chain human organization. Creating and operating a DAO is a technically challenging task. While there are already a number of DAOs governing multi-million dollar treasuries, with the right infrastructure tools, both the size and quantity of these DAOs can increase significantly. This is particularly true for treasury solutions for DAOs at all stages of development.

The best tools will be built for DAOs by DAOs. This is why we are extremely proud to be supporting NearPad in our first cohort, a decentralized protocol aligned with our mission of supporting DAO growth. NearPad is focused on building DeFi tools and foundational infrastructure for tokenized projects to launch to the NEAR ecosystem.

Rift allows NearPad to deploy governance tokens from their treasury to increase token liquidity without having to forfeit ownership like they do with standard liquidity mining. This empowers NearPad to put their native tokens to use where they are most productive instead of handing them over to mercenary capital. As a result, NearPad will grow as liquidity deepens and new community members have greater access to $PAD. In the coming weeks, liquidity providers will be able to support the NearPad ecosystem while earning double the returns and impermanent loss protection by depositing to the Rift Vaults.

We will be hosting an AMA with the NearPad team to chat about our partnership on March 24 at 6 pm EST. Add the event to your calendar. If you are interested in using Rift for your DAO, please submit interest through this form.

About Rift Finance

Rift is a decentralized protocol that restructures incentives to improve liquidity across DeFi.

Today’s liquidity structures are parasitic to DAOs; they drain DAO treasuries and shrink market caps. The Rift Protocol allows DAOs to deploy governance tokens from their treasuries to pair with tokens from liquidity providers. By working together, DAOs receive the liquidity they seek and LPs receive double returns and reduced risk. DAOs across several leading Layer 1 blockchains, including Ethereum, Terra, Fantom, and Injective, utilize Rift to unlock sustainable liquidity.

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About NearPad

A launchpad, DEX Aggregator, and Yield Aggregator all in one. NearPad is changing the way communities and developers access open finance tools for crowdfunding, asset management, and yield optimization. The platform will also be the first DAO-led protocol on Aurora by giving its community complete control over how treasury and public funds are utilized for the ecosystem.

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